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recent readers comments

I love the idea of saying one good thing before a harsher reality – which is just as needed for future good. (i.e. roses and rotten apples).


These holidays, whilst travelling through the Forbes Border post to Mozambique, we were super impressed by the changes which had occurred on the Zimbabwean border side.

The speed of processing, without cutting corners, of a long queue of pedestrians in front of us whose movement was also gently controlled by a member of staff, worked an absolute feel good refreshing treat for all!  There were relevant notices on the walls pertaining to travellers and photographs of accountability (with contact cell numbers) of border officials on the walls.  Way to go Zimbabwe, thank you for listening and proud of you!  Pambere we go!


The second bit of information, might dually make Zinara take note of the need to better manage their responsibilities:  At tolls through to Mutare and back, when being given change of $2 bond and the last dollar in coins:  On 3 occasions, we realised that instead of a full dollar in coins, we were being handed only 75c back in small change.  In volumes, imagine how much that adds up to in loss for Zinara too!  Whilst improving, please take a look at corporate responsibilities at Glenroy Shopping Centre Parking too.  (There is a lot of room at the back of Zinara’s premises for staff to park, so that chaos does not reign).  But thank you for all you do do, in making new road construction possible.   We are certainly moving ahead.


Somehow , I could not think of a situation where my darling staffie would be wondering where I was   at the end of every day. She has faithfully waited at the gate each day.  So for me I cannot , re-home , I cannot

putdown I must plan around a special friend .  Lyn


Auschwitz – A most moving encounter, sensitive and true – Thank you for sharing. Luana


Very touching observations.   My mother was first interred in Birkenau and then when the Russians were about to liberate the two camps Auschwitz & Birkenau she and her remaining family were transferred to Bergen Belsen were they liberated by the British forces. Unfortunately my mother was the only one of the family who finally survived and lived to the ripe old age of 86.   And by the way Pope John Paul was my Grans parish priest in Krakow.  Regards Marek


Mike, I would just like to say that I found John’s daughter’s account of her trip to Auschwitz very moving.


here’s a lovely little poem for anyone who ever lost a dog.  Hope it can be shared.   Bye  Libby Garnett


Here in this very busy city (Sydney) whilst the traffic is extreme, it is never so bad as some world cities. Strict policing, with maybe an altogether better driving system helps to keep it reasonable.   I visited India a few years ago, how all that works nobody seems to know. Kind of organised chaos reigns and they have many accidents although I never saw one in a few weeks. In China with fewer vehicles I thought the drivers were not as aggressive again as people seem to behave a little better with better policing.


A good article but it doesn’t draw a distinction between friends and acquaintances.   If you have as many friends as you have fingers on one hand you are rich.  Essentially, they are the bedrock of your life, the people who share your history;  acquaintances are important but the relationships are more fleeting, they don’t have the depth of friendships but they are the little interactions which make each day sweeter and as for one’s pets….  Lyn


Could be an interesting read but was warned it’s a dicey site   Interesting concept as many confuse loneliness with being alone…I am alone but seldom lonely…


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