Recycling is the answer

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Recycling is the answer

Recycling is the answer. We have legislation in place and some companies who have introduced garbage separation processing and recycling waste. We need to all get a recycling culture.

Garbage separation in different types and collection and processing infrastructure must be set up all over the country to avoid such occurrences from happening again. It’s up to us. All of us.


There is one fundamental flaw in the comments about waste by Nikki. I agree completely with the desirability and necessity to cut down on plastic use, recycle as much as possible, etc., but unless there are laws to this effect, and, more importantly, strictly enforced ones at that, the present situation will not change. In the UK, the municipal authorities provide bags and containers into which different types of waste have to be put and heavy fines are levied for non-compliance.

Appealing to one’s common sense does not work sadly. Take car seat belts. Massive advertising campaigns in many countries stressing the advantages of wearing seat belts had little affect. It was only when the wearing of seat belts become compulsory that the vast majority of drivers and passengers actually wore seat belts. We have to be protected from ourselves.

There are laws against littering, but look what happens – nothing.

The Municipal authorities have to (1) educate the population, (2) provide containers, (3) conduct regular refuse removal and (4) carefully control the disposal of what they take away. This will not happen – not even one of them will happen. That does not mean that we should ignore Nikki’s advice; it just means that the vast majority of the population, many of whom do not have the means to correctly handle waste, will not voluntarily respond to Nikki’s suggestions. This means that the municipalities have to correctly control waste disposal and that has not worked so far.


We have recycled for years, paper, plastic, glass and tins/cans. I can’t remember ever putting “rubbish” outside for City collection. One of our sons lives in Brisbane and they have three large garbage containers for recyclables – the garbage collectors will not even empty your bins if they are not correctly filled!! The cages around our suburbs here are so conveniently placed. Instead of having clean ups let’s educate and promote recycling. On the issue of stopping the fire. There are piles of rubble everywhere you look. Shouldn’t our army get involved and collect the rubble to assist in an attempt to extinguish the fire?? Kerry


Quite right Nikki – “plastic free” would be treating the Cause not having to deal with toxic symptoms of what, we the public, could change! Luana

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