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HI All

We are coming up to that time of the year when our kids have finished their exams and now believe they are adult enough to make their own decisions about partying. Lots make mistakes and many learn from them. In the past there have been 20 or 30 houseboats taken out by the school leavers for the most debauched partying.

I believe this has all been moderated by anxious parents and teachers. I do believe however that we need to remind folks about what is being done to prevent the kids becoming too unruly

I have just read the following article in the Australian Courier Mail about the Aussie equivalent – Schoolies

Ciao, Mike G.

Sex, drugs and assaults. Welcome to Schoolies 2016


‘This high-octane week when 25,000 mostly 17 years olds kiss the classroom goodbye and converge on the Gold Coast is deemed by some to be a rite of passage…………..’


‘…….Somewhere along the way from little cherubs in oversized uniforms clinging to mummy or daddy’s hand on the first day of school, a cohort of thugs has emerged. It’s not only boys. Girls are up for a fight too, ……’

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