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Hi Mike, This is also a link to Taps Mugadza. He spoke to some of the children at a small school on Friday. I have not met him, but his story is a powerful testament to how you can bring yourself out of poverty and hopelessness. He was abandoned on the steps of an orphanage when he was two days old! He taught himself to play guitar and went from there….! – this video has had 5 Million Hits


HI All, Ever done The Plank? –

To do it for two minutes is quite challenge. See this link to see an American take on a Chinese Policeman for the new world record – 8 Hours and 1 minute! If you want to find the right way to do it then watch this 3 minute video “How to do a perfect Plank”


Readers Comment on Gemma Griffiths – 30, 000 hits since Wednesday!

Thanks a ton for sending Gemma Griffiths’ You Tube link on Bambazonke!

As it happened, I had just been watching loads of the best X-Factor and Brit/ American talent videos going back to 2010. I was about to shut-down my computer and I thought I would just quickly check my emails. I noticed the link you posted of Gemma Griffiths’ You Tube video, and thought, “Probably a waste of time, it’s late, I’m tired, and I’ve just been watching the World’s very best recently found talent, but what the heck let me watch something ‘home-grown’”… WOW! All I can say is WOW!!!

Trying to be as objective as possible, Gemma Griffiths is easily as good as the top three best I listened to—she sings with such passion, a natural artist, the clarity in her voice, absolutely amazing talent! I predict big, big things for her. As we know music can be so impactful and I think she could be hugely instrumental in being a ‘bridge’ of understanding, healing racial rifts in our country, clearly she loves our country. What a blessing she is to our Nation, she deserves our full support!

Regards, James


Dear Mike & Liz,

Herewith the link to the website of Daniel Jenkins – There is a show reel on the home page and please select the video page for further video’s.

The first video filmed by Greg Amira was the song “True” which was shot on location when both Greg and Daniel were studying in Cape Town. Greg has been instrumental in the video production of many of Daniels video’s and has enormous potential. Greg’s patience and commitment are indeed major strengths, not-withstanding his technical ability which is highly evident in the final production. Gary

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