Tour de Hwange 23-26 May UPDATE

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Tour de Hwange 23-26 May UPDATE

It is really humbling to see the wonderful support for wildlife especially from the Mashonaland Community. Many of the people donating have never even been to Hwange National Park but they still support FOH! Wonderful to see and much appreciated.

We have had a reasonable number of donations so far for which we are very grateful. Unfortunately the transactions we receive only have a name but no contact number nor e-mail address so we can’t thank you personally.

Our aim is to raise money for our work in the Park. This includes: solar installations to pump water, fire-breaks, road maintenance, animal rescue, deployment of anti-poaching units, supporting Parks staff with medical supplies, water installations to schools and clinics in the neighbouring communities ++

The overall wellbeing and ecology of the Park is important and we assist as best we can in that regard. We would, however, like to take a more active role especially from a veterinary point of view.

All the above requires funding and that is where you guys fit in…..

We encourage you all to participate in maintaining our Wildlife and Natural Heritage and this bike ride will help create awareness and offers a platform for you to make donations no matter how small. Ecocash works well!

It is our Wildlife and it must be there for our Childfren.

Ecocash number: 0775 215598 (David Dell)

Bank details:

Bank: NMB

Branch: Borrowdale

Branch No: 11106

Acc No: 260093754

Acc name: Friends of Hwange Trust

Thank you Mashonaland (Harare) for your fantastic support. You guys are great!


Dave Dell

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