Travelling the World

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Travelling the World

HI All,

So many people dream of travelling the world – having no staff or mortgages to worry about – playing every day as it comes. Are you in that league?

Discussing it with mates over the weekend we asked : “ …but when is the right time to sell up and head off into the sunset?”. Somehow we have to work it out for ourselves – long before your doctor gives you that “three months to live – best you wrap up your affairs” speech.


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The best time to travel is, of course, straight after you have finished your degree – when Dad can fork out for a single ticket to London and give you enough pocket money to last a month effectively forcing you to work as a labourer to make ends meet. I have attached a write up by a Henry Rollins that everyone in their 20’s should read and implement.



Often it is a case of following Nike’s well known logo – “Just Do it – sell the business and book on a round the world cruise for you and your partner.


Arrivederci, Mike G.