Victoria Falls Hotel

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Victoria Falls Hotel

HI All

I have just returned from a very informative trip to Victoria Falls – on a familiarisation mission related to the forthcoming issue of our Nzira Travel Magazine. The Victoria Falls Hotel is steeped with over a century of history dating back to when it was the first Hotel in Vic Falls. I spent a couple of nights there appreciating the absolute luxury surrounded by a multitude of overseas visitors. The recent opening of the new Vic Falls Airport has brought with it a far greater accessibility and lots of new airlines adding this popular destination to their Africa Routes.


Most of the holidaymakers I spoke to did not know where Zimbabwe was believing that the Falls are part of South Africa – an issue that needs to be addressed poste-haste  by tourist marketing teams. The average traveller in this Red season spends an average of 2.3 days in Vic Falls and then is back on the plane headed for either Cape Town or Maun. Imagine if we could talk them all into spending an extra day to just relax and appreciate the facilities offered around one of the Seven Wonders of the World?


The Falls are probably at the lowest I have seen them in over 50 years but that is to be expected at the end of September. This has encouraged a few daring types to go over to Zambia and spend a lazy few minutes in a pool right on the edge of the Falls – crazy guys and girls in left image below! Chris Wilkinson tells me he just been given a licence for Tandem Parachuting – I declined his offer of a test run – past that stage of my life!



The Vic Falls Hotel has always been about pomp and tradition with an evening spent savouring the finest meal offered in the Livingstone room a must. I remember being there with my folks at the end of the 60s when we lived in Livingstone – in those days one had to have a jacket and tie and there was always a 3 piece band strumming away the dinner music of the time. My parents were always, to my young eyes, the finest couple at ballroom dancing, with Dad twirling Mom around the dance floor with an elegant waltz. I would so love it if more people knew how to dance and were not afraid to show off their skills.


The Vic Falls hotel is one of those places where you spend a romantic weekend with your spouse for your 20th Wedding anniversary. If you like me, not in that league, then you should at least call in at the hotel and have a sundowner on the front verandah overlooking the Bridge.


I always remember our Maths teacher coming into class one day in the late 60s – Mr Bagshaw proudly wrote a formula in chalk on the board and told us it was the formula for the parabola shape of the arch below the falls – I cannot remember it and could not find it now. If anyone is interested in reading about the construction then I suggest you visit . Ciao Mike G.


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