Zimbabwe Singers Summer Concert

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Zimbabwe Singers Summer Concert

HI All, We went along to the Summer Concert put on last night by Minky Walters at Twin Rivers School. What a pleasure to listen to such melodious songs from 4 very talented local artists:

Molly Dzangare, Nigel Hopkins, Josh Ainsley and young Philip Handley. Nigel Hopkins is, of course, well known as an outstanding Tenor. He coupled up with Molly Dzangare to sing a couple of Italian songs from well-known operas with Josh Ainsley joining them as yet another Tenor in one or two renditions. I have not heard Molly before but will certainly look out for any future productions that she is in.


Young Philip Handley is an ex-Peterhouse scholar currently studying at a top theatre school in South Africa. One could tell from the look on his face how passionate he is about his singing – almost born to perform on the stage – adding a little humour along the way. Josh Ainsley has been in South Africa for the past couple of years improving his theatrical and singing skills – he has grown in confidence since we first saw him several years ago at Reps and has developed a greater range of voice types. The Twin Rivers Choir joined in a few of the ballads giving us goose bumps to watch the excitement in their faces singing in front of a full house.

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With a shortage of forex in the land there will be very few artists,  if any, coming in from South Africa for the foreseeable future. So we should do everything we can to show our appreciation of these sorts of local singers. There are often shows at the Harare International school and at Reps. Local pianist Claire Bradnum is giving a piano concert on Sun 27th Nov at Arundel School and will be joined by Roz Ribeiro.


Those of you with young kids might want to think about introducing them to singing at an early age. I remember listening to 13 year old Ciaron McAuley (http://ciaranmcauley.com/about/ ) singing an outstanding individual song as a Soprano at St Gerards Catholic Church in Greystone Park in the late 80s. Ciaron’s dad, Alan, ran a couple of Comrades Marathons with us in the mid-80s and schooled his 3 very talented sons in Ireland where they hail from. Ciaron went on to become the resident conductor of the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra – just shows you what is possible if we give our youngsters a chance at something different to the norm!

Ciao, Mike G.

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