Bambazonke Diary

Once again I am writing to ask for your support.  This is a twofold request for support.  Firstly I wanted to remind people about the event on… Read more »

Ref the roads on the Kariba Makuti road, especially IN Kariba town. We are getting a lot of “side of the road” breakups which then form potholes…. Read more »

Editor’s note Freedom. What a word! What is freedom? Is it the ability to do what you wish as you wish? Wouldn’t that be nice? Unfortunately in… Read more »

HI All, When we were back at school there used to be a “Young Scientists” competition whereby each school sent in their best one of two science… Read more »

There is a remarkable journey about to take place, by a remarkable woman.   This journey is called “A mile in my shoes” and the woman behind… Read more »