Ele’s are back in town! – Kariba Welfare Trust Fund

Since November 2016, we have not had this on our road !!

Nor this !!


BUT we now have it back !!!

as our remaining few boys are back in town – Rip and Short T


Along with a couple of the new boys that appeared for a short while last year.

1 huge lovely old man and his smaller friend

AND the one small seasonal cow herd that come through every year onto the Powerline Baobab/Breezes side have been in and out the past couple of weeks

Update to follow on the Dump Fence to protect our Wildlife – Stakeholders almost there !!


Please be alert and aware when you come across Elephants. When the males are in Musth/ready to mate, they are EXTREMELY aggressive and dangerous. Every year, at any time, male Elephants go into Musth Mode and normal behaviour goes out the window, replaced by anger, furious aggression and wanton destruction.

Testosterone levels can rise by 60 times the normal, there is a swelling of the temporal glands and it is said this causes terrible pain. Weeping from the temporal glands is very noticeable.

A resident saw our old friends in January – The Quarry Baby Family

QUARRY BABY  – a big boy now

Beware of  Crocodiles! With water everywhere – so will there be Croc’s where they are not normally seen.  Including crossing main roads!!


For any donations, help offer, more info, or information on injured animals or incidents with Wildlife please contact below



Phone numbers

Sonya Mc Master  0772 874 352 – KARIBA

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Dick Mc Cowan Hill 0772 600 187 – KARIBA


WHATSAPP  NUMBERS -for photos or messages

Debbie Ottman 0784 512 921

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Tracey Brook Jackson – Harare representative

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Phone number 0712 205 384


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