Domestic workers seeking employment – Thursday 28th Sept




Class 2/4/5 Driver available – Tendai Ali(28), 0719902902, has 5years driving experience, trained in defensive driving, has a valid passport (willing to work in or out of Zim), knowledge and experienced in broiler/layers management. Can do all messenger duties, poultry and any other duties as directed. Willing to take up anything on offer.  Very hardworking and flexible, to start immediately, excellent refs 0782901901 Huge


Class 1 Driver/Caretaker – Edmond Bigie Samusodza(51), 0772552064/0714089358 does driving and all messenger duties, general gardening and cleaning, repairs and maintenance, very mature, honest and full of integrity. Has 28years experience. Refs Mr Jeff Gwariwa 0772274350 / 04795877 and T. Kamuti 0772946094




Francis Ngarupi(34), 0773422879 / 0775133931, hardworking and honest Gardener with 14years experience, can do general gardening, pool maintenance, general cleaning and repairs – painting, fixing electric gates and maintenance of electric pumps, well mannered, flexible on accommodation, refs by previous employer 0772947258 G. Tembo.


Gibson Machekere(43), 0773142544 Gardener with 30yrs experience, Certificate in Permaculture Organic Gardener’s Course, Nursery course (Borrowdale Brook Nursery), general gardening, pool maintenance, dogs, general cleaning, mature, honest and hardworking, flexible on accommodation, highly recommended by 260-9625770 Russell


Highly recommended by Sam Harper 0772708187 / Ms S Wade 886037 – Mussa Namucha(26) 0783115053, Gardener/Pvt Guard with 6 +5years experience, Security Services and Training Certificate, can do all general gardening duties, pool, repairs, general cleaning and maintenance of the property, training of junior guards, very hardworking and reliable, works without supervision. Requires accommodation.


Never Mudonhi(30), 0771695876, Pvt Guard/Gardener with 5 + 3years experience, security services and searches, repairs and maintenance, general gardening, pool maintenance, general cleaning, reliable and very honest, requires accommodation.


Edward John(29), 0775609251, Gardener/Guard with 2 + 7years experience, Security certificate, general gardening, pool maintenance, general cleaning and repairs, searches and security services – fire fighting, radio communications, first aid etc, a Christian, hardworking and honest, requires accommodation.


Peter Mutale(33), 0774686978, efficient Gardener with 11years experience with one employer, can do general gardening, pool care, horticulture, poultry, general cleaning and minor repairs, flexible on accommodation, refs by previous employer 0779543200 / 0716961124 P Msipa.


Housemaids/Child-minders/ Cooks:


Bertha. K. Souza 35. 0777501184, house maid/ childminder (full / part time) 5 years experience. All household duties and childminding, quick leaner, hardworking and dedicated. Flexible on accomodation, good and traceble refs by: Mrs Colgrave 077 821 8298. Nia Mills 0733533150. Mr. Mkakiwa +44 7460 153656


Martha Bhebhe(53), 0772766335, humble and hardworking Full/part – time Housemaid  with 4years experience, basic cooking under instruction, general cleaning, washing, ironing, flexible on accommodation, excellent refs by F. Chizarura 0775631860.


Ganisani Moses Chidimu(41), 0772321354/0779201920, reliable, honest and excellent Cook/Gardener with over 8years experience, cooking, all household duties, general cleaning, general gardening and swimming pool maintenance, optional accommodation, refs by A. C. Du Toit 0773941762 and 0779128683 Siann Silk .


Faith Kanji(60), 0775137997, Cook/Housemaid/Childminder with +30years experience, excellent cooking and baking skills, all household and childminding duties, dogs and pets, excellent with kids, hardworking and punctual, flexible with time, requires accommodation, excellent refs / / 0784898510 Amy Morris.


Recommended by Mrs. B. M. Brand 04-882418 Marion Pongolani(61), 0775058918. She is retiring to Dandaro and wishes her Housemaid/Childminder of 15years to be placed. She does general cleaning, preparing vegs, roasts and salads, a perfectionist in cleaning and laundry, excellent childminding, hardworking and honest, requires accommodation.


Highly recommended – Lilian Henry(37) 0777788447, Housemaid/Childminder with 4years experience, excellent basic cooking, laundry and childminding, highly dependable, diligent, hardworking and very honest, neat and well presentable, flexible on accommodation, excellent and traceable refs Nellie Motherway c/o Wendy 0779218686.


Fainess Wilson(62), 0772115488, excellent Cook/Housemaid/Child minder  with 24years experience (12 with one employer), cooking and baking, all household duties and babysitting/childminding, growing vegetables, shopping, honest, neat and cheerful, requires accommodation, excellent and traceable refs – 0774514216 / 027920151 D L Frost


Dadirayi Saragado(42), 0774394751 Cook/Housemaid/Childminder with 20years experience, Basic cooking, housekeeping, care giving, shopping, laundry, sewing, interior décor’ and childminding, exceptional, mature and cheerful, requires accommodation, excellent refs 0779146476.


Eva Charenga(36), 0773185689, Housemaid /Childminder with 12years experience, basic cooking, simple baking, all household chores and childminding, excellent with children, hardworking, dependable and always available, flexible on accommodation, excellent refs Mrs Wilson-Harris – Zambia.


Sylvia Magaka(45), 0785852754, highly recommended Housemaid/Childminder with 5years experience, basic cooking, all household duties, general cleaning, childminding, very hardworking, reliable and honest, excellent with kids, requires accommodation, excellent refs by 0774117872 P Mutare


Highly recommended – Egnes Zinzombe(61), 0773239391 / 0772919442, cheerful and willing Housemaid/Childminder with 30years experience, basic cooking, general cleaning, washing, ironing, mature, hardworking and reliable, flexible on accommodation.


Nurse Aids


Darlene Matiza(19), 07714168782, Nurse Aid, 1yr yr experience @ Manyame Air Base WOS 0775053033, Community Based HomeCare Certificate, Nurse Aid and Advanced Nurse Aid Certificates, ECG, can do all nurse aid duties, caring for the disabled, the aged and children, basic cooking and general cleaning, very kind and compassionate, neat and well presentable, flexible on  accommodation.

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