Pomona Dump Upate

Hi Mike.

Hope you are well!!

Unfortunately our fears over this disaster site have come to fruition!!

Some comments:

The dump is beyond saturation level and should be closed immediately – a new site needs to be found for immediate future use;

The new site should be in an area that does not affect the city / residential areas whilst operating;

It should preferably be a landfill project;

The site location should take into account the prevailing wind as this has a major impact when problems such as fire, fumes and odours are present – the current situation be less harmful to health if this obvious detail had been included in planning regardless of the ecological consequences;

The on-site management of the dump needs to be at a professional level – anyone who has been to Pomona to dump rubbish will agree that the situation there from a management perspective is abysmal;

The dump should be a restricted area and limited to employees and contracted recycle organisations only.

There is a lot that could be done without spending huge sums of cash and that could be actioned simultaneously whilst efforts to kill the fire continue.