Readers’ Comments (10/10/16)

On Saturday morning just after 5am I Was driving along Harry Pichanick to take my daughter to The bus at school, I noticed a white isuzu pick up, Older model parked on my side of the road, I think With a blue stripe. i Slowed down in case there was a problem and then noticed a young man probably 17/18 or so wrenching a gate intercom and post out of the Ground, toss it aside and jump into the back of the pick up.

I moved forward to park alongside them, a little confused by all the shouting of abuse towards the house by the other 2 boys in the car.

Unfortunately in the panic and chaos we didn’t Get a complete number plate down.  As a mom Of a teenager myself, it is very sad and extremely Annoying to see youths behave in this manner.


The Clarkes from Chegutu came through the Beit Bridge border on Wednesday of last week. They were importing a car.  All the papers were in order. South African side, no problem.

Zimbabwean side:

  1. No one could help them.  They asked everywhere. No one could tell them where to go.
  2. Had to eventually resort to a tout..,  of whom there were many,

Signage nil.  Surrounds filthy. They were there from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. before they were done. They also asked me to mention the state of the donkeys wandering around the Border Post. Sheliegh


Hi Mike I’m a “ Let’s stop and help the Chameleons crossing the road person “.  Provided all is clear I will take them and put them in the grass always in the direction they are going . The last couple of years I have only helped two , they seem to have vanished . Yesterday traveling to a job I saw a small one crossing the road , stopped and made sure all was clear and put the guy on the grass verge . Driving off my foreman tell me there is a certain person in Msasa who buys as many as you can catch for $2. 00 each . Can’t elaborate but has anyone out there heard this story . Gary


I read with interest many peoples comments on the burning and disposal of rubbish in the urban areas by fellow residents. I write this more as a plea than anything else – to anyone/company that can provide tips or advice on better and cleaner ways to dispose of garbage (considering the obvious constraints the City of Harare seem to be having in regularly collecting garbage). If it were ever possible for residents to be proud of their homes and their surrounding areas by not contributing to environmental degradation and pollution, how beautiful a legacy we would leave for our children… From an Idealist


I was at Wingate today and have never ever seen the approach as dirty and full of litter as it is now, and the flies are almost the worst I have ever known. Not only that, but we gazed (not open-mouthed, because of the flies) but in amazement at great spirals of rubbish riding the thermals with all the crows and storks, papers, plastic bags, huge streamers of rubbish glinting in the sunlight hundreds of feet above us over a huge area, being blown by the wind….it was an extraordinary sight. There were acres and acres of rubbish airborne on its way to be dumped all over the place miles away, and surely at that height a threat to any small overflying aircraft.   There has been much talk by officials  about sorting out the dump, but something needs to be done really urgently.  CB


I concur with Rob. I use the road past the dump twice every day at least and for many, many years, the rubbish has not been covered. A mere glance will confirm this, so one can only wonder why someone could make a comment about the problem being temporary. The dump has deteriorated at a spectacular rate recently.

Two visitors from Germany stopped and took many pics of the entrance, fence and roadsides as they had never seen anything like it. I was ashamed.


a hassle free fly deterrent is the hanging of old CD’s or DVD’s with some fishing line-or anything to allow them to rotate in a breeze…….confuses the flies ! rgds steve A


We live in Belvedere . Yes agree with Vini. More fires and when we tell the owner concerned they just ignore us.  Neighbours around have chicken run also, so have lots of rats … Our car is parked in the garage, one got into car bonnet…oh my good the smell was terrible. Had to take car into garage. Regards Dee.


Unfortunately chicken, quail, turkey home farming in the suburbs is here to stay. City of harare or the powers that be turn a blind eye to this unethical practice of poultry farming. The litter or dead birds are seldom removed, one cannot open windows due to the stench. Major contributor to the flies even in the months of May/June the flies were present. There are flying insects dispenser’s for home on the market, paint or spray on bait’s available interior or exterior use. Compost or manure heap treatment prevention of fly pupation. NR


Reading about the Bercol Fly traps, I have a few of them around, but also use old 2ltr coke bottles, I cut off the tops and invert them into the bottle. I put dry kapenta and water in them and hang them from the trees

Grace and peace,