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Roads outside Harare

Ref the roads on the Kariba Makuti road, especially IN Kariba town. We are getting a lot of “side of the road” breakups which then form potholes.

We have a lot of heavy trucks using the road at present because of the project at the dam wall to install new turbines. There are a lot of heavy duty rock trucks up and down each day as well as 30t trucks bringing in the necessary supplies for this project. Couple this with all the rain we’ve been having, our roads are a bit of a mess but mostly on the sides of the road, if that makes sense! If people slow down a bit, no harm done!


There is a dangerous pothole I feel I should let motorists know about. On Mutare road just after Bathroom boutique (Msasa) facing east  as if you going to Mutare , there is a very big pothole by the small bridge on the extreme left lane. Try avoiding this extreme left lane when approaching the small bridge or possibly slow down a bit……it’s unlike the small potholes that are simple to negotiate into. Best Regards Deliwe Dube


The road from Harare down to Chirundu horrendous with enormous pot holes.  Don’t we pay toll cash to fix the roads?   The Borrowdale side road near to the service station & Billy’s butchery absolutely shocking!  With the police & pot holes!  I just  hardly go anywhere anymore.


Mutare Beitbridge Road – Much to our amazement, on our recent drive down to the North Coast of S A, we found the road as above to be really quite good. Yes, there are pot holes and some of them quite deep. The majority it seems to me, were in the middle of the road caused by heavies I am sure. We were able to travel in the most part at 120 kph, and no worries. For your info. Regards Stu


This has been something weighing on my mind for some time. Some of our roads in Harare are fairly narrow and the edges are very decayed and potholed (Harare Drive and Kew Drive are examples that come to mind). We often find cyclists and pedestrians making use of the road as our cycle paths either don’t exist or are overgrown and unusable. This becomes a bit tricky for motorists who are now having to simultaneously dodge a pothole whilst keeping to the extreme left as an oncoming car goes past and also slamming on brakes to avoid hitting an unwitting cyclist in front of you.

I must give the cyclists and pedestrians credit as they do try their best to keep to the very verge of the road, but this is often not adequate for the motorists for whom the road was intended.


I have been trying to think of ways around it, and much like the incentive to ‘fill the pothole outside your gate’ do you think it would be viable for home-owners to make the effort to clear out a strip of grass on their outside lawn (as lets face it, most houses in Zimbabwe do have a very wide verge) for cyclists and pedestrians, and to possibly brick it? I realise that when you have a 40m strip outside your wall it might get expensive to brick, but surely a well maintained lawn with a dirt strip would suffice in some cases? I know this is a very small issue on the ever growing list of problems caused by lack of maintenance, but it would be so much safer for the unfortunate people trying to transit on and alongside our roads. Kind Regards T