Trucks on Kariba road comments

Dear Mike When I was a little boy, we lived in Nyasaland. When going up Zomba Mountain there was a clock at each end. Cars could proceed up on one hour and
Go down in another hour . It could be every ½ hour, tolls were not needed. David
You might be surprised to know that most of the long haulage trucks go through Botswana now as the Beit Bridge Border is a nightmare for them. Haulage trucks pay their tolls at the border when they cross.
Hi Mike Amazed at how many people in Zimbabwe drive without headlights on in this rain we are experiencing. Never mind the fact that they are breaking a law, anything one can do to make yourself more visible is a good idea! Please folks, headlights ON can save your life as well as the lives of pedestrians and other motorists! Clint
We have just returned from Nyanga and needless to say it was simply beautiful. Whilst we were given an old but useable map of the Nyanga area by the National Parks, we were very disappointed by the VERY BADLY signage of sites, roads and directions. If National Parks could up their game with better and more specific signs and better directions with expected hazards along the way, it would prove very useful to both local and foreign tourists. For example, the Pungwe Falls can be split up as view point, gorge and falls. None of these have signs. From the main road there is a sign that says Mtarazi School, which is where you turn off, but no sign for Pungwe. It is very easy to get lost there….roads that fork but again there are no signs at different forks. At this time of the year the roads are very wet and slippery and a 4 wheel drive is very necessary.
I went to the airport at 10.30 am today to pick up my daughter. I drove to arrivals pickup point, another car pulled up behind me. I had my hazard lights on and engine running. While my wife ran in to see if the plane had landed. I was there not even 2 minutes when a Car/secure guard walked up to me talking on his 2way radio giving my car details over the radio, then said turn off your engine as he was instructed from the Tower !! to clamp my vehicle. I was very polite and asked why? His answer was I was there for more than 2 minutes also asked for my drivers license. At this stage my daughter and wife had returned. They were also shocked and asked why he was doing this at which his response was to get on his radio and orders the reaction team to deploy the spike team again giving our car details.
The funny thing is, I was very calm through this ordeal. But very sad that it comes to this to extract money from us. ( dare I mention the vehicle behind me was not questioned whatsoever.) I have for the last couple of years always parked in the main car park but made a mistake today and forgot why i always rather pay the $2 Warning do not drive off if you have been approached as they have guys on the exit that will deploy spikes, so resolve the issue with officer there before it gets out of control. Sad zimbo