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Twala Trust February 2017 Newsletter

Torrential Rain and Tantrums!
Torrential rain has left Twala lush and green with rivers flowing and our dam spilling. After a dam burst upstream from the Sanctuary, we sustained considerable damage from flash floods; animal habitats and roads were washed away but thankfully the animals were unharmed. Patrick the Pig lost his house in the flood and then proceeded to add to our woes by throwing a 200 kilogram tantrum and destroying the stable he had been temporarily housed in.
Patrick continues to sulk and is not happy at all about having to share a house with the chickens!
Healing for Horace
Horace the vervet monkey has made a remarkable recovery after the trauma of electrocuting himself on a high voltage power line and losing an arm. Watching him race across the lawn on his back legs, with a few casual somersaults in between, is proof that he has adapted incredibly well. He is still capable of all the mischief we expect of him – raids on the pantry and ambushing the other long -suffering human and animal residents of the volunteer house. Click here to read the full Newsletter… The Twala Trust Jan 2017 Newsletter