Irrigated winter wheat

By Vimbai Ruvengo

Irrigated Winter Wheat

It is time for the winter wheat season which starts in earnest at the end of April yearly. Wheat is the second important cereal in Zimbabwe after maize. As it is a temperate crop (best grown in winter under optimum day temperatures of between 15 – 20OC), the recommended planting time is mid-April and the last week of May and even earlier in the Lowvelds. Sometimes planting time can be extended to mid-June but not normally recommended. Farmers with irrigation are encouraged to major into viable component of double cropping set ups of maize-wheat-maize systems. This gives the farmer an economic advantage as the same machinery can be used to harvest both the winter and summer crops especially combine harvesters. Doug McClymont gives tips on irrigation of the winter wheat, follow the link below.

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