21 day home workout challenge.

By Laki Ngwenya

Hope we all safe. 

There are few of us who are born with a passion to do regular excises so when we do them it does not take much effort and discipline to do and to Enjoy. One cannot certainly deny that the world around us is changing and lots of dangerous diseases are around ready to pounce on the weak. And the cheapest way to keep your defenses up is through excising your body complimented with healthy eating, healthy life styles so below are simple work outs one can follow without any cost involved. Below in a training program guideline which you can use to suit your life style and level of fitness. Please note it is just a guideline to show how a micro training program can be structured. Days can be interchanged. You can decide durations of each session.

General Preparation Phase, Specific Preparation Phase, Pre Competition Phase, Competition Phase and Transition Phase. At each phase the application of intensity, volume, type and time varies depending on factors like, age (biological age, training age and relative age, elite/non elite level and overall goals.

WARM UP – 10 -15minutes

TIME REQUIRED – 12-20 minutes

ROUNDS- 3-5 (Depending on personal fitness and time available)


INTENSITY: High (since its cardio training)

HOW TO DO IT: perform the 6 moves below for 30 seconds each without resting in between. Take 1 to 2 mins break between sets. Do the moves in the given order

1. Squat jumps or calf jumps if you have knee probs

2. Push ups

3. Mountain climbers

4. Jumping jacks

5. Sit ups

6. Single leg V-ups

WHY IT WORKS: It targets the whole body. Cardio fitness is the first component of fitness that we lose before all the other components so its important to deal with this aspect in our training program

Sat. Long slow run 


Mon. Short Medium Pace run

Tue. Interval training

Wed. Medium long run.

Thu. Hill repeats

Fri. Timed distance fast run.

Other works outs that can be done at home indoors/driveways 

1. Push up  

2. Lunge (forward alternating)

3. Sit up 

4. Burpee 

All the above should be done over 60 seconds each and total recorded.

5. Plank 

6. Wall sit 

7. One leg stand (testing your balance)

8. Double hand stand 

Work out 5 to 8 are target workouts. Aim (target) is to hold for as long as you can and record the time

Don’t forget work out should be enjoyable. 


Images By Laki Ngwenya

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