3 Steps to a Happier Life

By Aljay Weale

Stay motivated to achieve your goals

Life can be challenging at times. Balancing it all can get complicated. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, like with our browsers, we could right-click and refresh our lives every now and then? Here are some tips to keep you in tune as you happily move towards fulfilling your life’s purpose. 

1. Set Achievable Goals

-Aim high, start small

Goal setting is an art in as much as achieving goals can be seen as alchemy. Note the word ‘Achievable’ here means what you KNOW you can do. If you set a goal that is too high, unrealistic or unattainable, thinking on that goal may bring stress instead of the desired motivational effect.

It is best to start with what you know you can accomplish. A goal to read one chapter or even one page every day is achievable. The fact that you will get it done will build your self-confidence as you grow from being a goal setter to a goal achiever. As soon as you have developed the habit, you will become better at aiming and achieving higher goals. Remember to start small.

2.   Read often

George R.R Martin wrote that “a reader lives a thousand lives before he dies [while] the man who never reads lives only one.” The human imagination is brought to life when you read an engrossing book. The regular exercise of your imaginative faculties will enhance your ability to create. With greater creativity comes a greater ability for problem solving and goal setting. Reading opens your mind and broadens your outlook by allowing you to imagine endless possibilities and also to perceive opportunities where others do not.

3.   Smile

– “When you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you.”

Extensive research shows that posture and body positions actually trigger pleasure centers in the brain which change your mood. The same goes for facial expressions. The more you smile, the better your mood becomes. I recently tried smiling as I walked through Bulawayo CBD at lunch time. Not overdoing it so as not to look weird, I noticed the change in people’s energy as a result. As they saw me smiling they looked more intently as though they wanted to know why I was so happy and they also wanted a piece of that ‘HAPPY’ pie!  

As Earl Nightingale said, “you are the captain of your own ship, with vast God given resources at your disposal.” It’s destination is in your creative imagination and you have more control of that than you think. Your individuality, uniqueness and your being are all important when you decide to BE!

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Originally published in the 100th issue of Ndeipi Magazine.

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