30 Common Garden Trees

Image by Mike Garden

“We live in a climate that lends itself to allowing the earth to showcase the very best trees to abound. Those that have been here since time immemorial are called Indigenous whilst those brought into our surrounds by visitors to our country are referred to as Exotic.

We have put together 30 different trees in a very readable format that you can download to your phone or computer. We would like to challenge you to name all of the trees in the PDF file – half are indigenous; the rest exotic. Why not while away a few hours sitting in the garden seeing if you can correctly identify them – better still to state if they are indigenous and which ones you have in your yard. Are you primarily Indigenous? This is one of those entertaining things that you can do with your young kids in an endeavour to educate them on the benefits of planting trees for the future

All of the tree names are listed at the foot of the file. We will give you a few days to work out the correct trees and place the answers on the website sometime soon

Have fun.

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