5 exciting games you can play in the comfort of your home!

By Michell Svesve

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Staying at home with your entire family, you are bound to get tied of just staring at each other and going through the same routines over and over again. Spice it up a little and do the following activities together to add some fun and entertainment to your stay. Don’t worry, all you need is in your home .

1. Hide and Seek

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This one is a classic and though it doesn’t seem too challenging or interesting try to include your own rules and get everyone to oblige to them; instead of having people hide in the same spots or parts of the house every time, everyone must rotate their place of hiding. Any repeats in hiding places can result in a penalty where you get to choose what they do as punishment, now that’s the fun part! Examples of penalties include: 10 push-ups or 1 minute wall sit. This not only leads to a great fun experience, it is also a way to get people active and fit, if you decide to go with the exercise penaltiesmentioned earlier.

2. Potato Sack Race ( Mom might not like this one)

Grab a few pillowcases from your bed and hop in them. Definitely it’s a game for everyone, from the kids to grandpa, as long as you get a pillowcase that suits your height, you are good to go . Put tape on the floor to mark the start line and the finish line too. Just so everyone gets the time to play, you can make a tag team affair. Have a partner at the end of the race. Give each team a number of objects they are supposed to collect at the finish line or time each other. The benefit of this game is that as soon as the race begins, hopping to the finish line in a race is just as good as exercising on the treadmill for a couple of minutes. Your heart rate gets pumping and maybe if you entirely into the game some sweat might just trickle.

3. Bowling 

Bowling at home . Image by Pixabay

Here is a solution to who gets to choose which channels you will be watching tonight. Collect some plastic bottles or plastic cups and heap them up one on top of the other until a pyramid is formed. Grab a pair of socks and roll it into a ball.Use that to try and hit the pyramid that will be a distance away. Take turns or play in teams, but make sure there are prizes to be won so that there is maximum concentration during the game . This would be a good way for the parents to relax after having spent the whole day at their workstation.

4. Basketball.

You are probably wondering how this is possible without hoops in the house? Fear not there is a way. Take your sundry basket or even an idle cardboard box just lying around in the house and hook either of them to a door knob or just keep them on the floor depending on what your preferred height is. Roll your pair of socks into balls or take paper and roll it into a ball. Paper would be lighter, therefore a little bit more effort would be required to get a point. You can mix the game up a bit by adding a running twist to it; each time you miss a hoop, run to a selected point and tap it before coming back to try shooting again. Take turns to shoot through the hoops and remember to record the best score.

5. Obstacle Maze

Dare your family to work through their critical problem solving skills by making your own home based maze. Take coloured wool or anything thicker and more visible and tap it to the walls of a passage in your home. Add a timer and impose rules to make it more challenging; if someone comes in contact with the rope they will have to freeze for 30 minutes then proceed later.


Images by Pixabay


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