6 major tips on how to get better sleep.

By Michell Svesve

Follow the right steps to help you sleep better

Between being a hardworking parent and an industrious director or executive, sleep is something you might overlook and yet it is very important to maintain healthy sleeping habits. The weight of responsibilities could make it difficult for one to stick to consistent and healthy sleeping habits. Taking the time to properly study a good sleeping pattern that works extremely well for you is one way to take advantage of the lockdown.

Good sleep is important for the following reasons

•it improves productivity and concentration

•if you are an athlete , having good sleep can improve your athletic performance

•it greatly reduces the risk of heart diseases,type 2 diabetes and it helps with glucose metabolism.

•lowers the risk of depression and helps alleviate symptoms of other mental health issues.

•good sleep boosts your immune system function.

Healthline.com explains further on what the benefits of having a good sleep pattern are. Have a look and see how a few lifestyle changes can improve your sleep.

1.Your bed is your sacred sleeping place.

Do not get tempted to work from your bed

No matter how tired you might get , working throughout the day at your desk or workstation, do not be tempted to shift your work to your bed. Restrict yourself from studying , eating, working and watching tv shows from your bed. It is meant for your precious sleep! This way when it’s time for you to sleep, the bed will act as a stimulus that will make you want to sleep.

2.Avoid overeating, alcohol and caffeine at night.

In as much as having an overly full tummy is annoying and uncomfortable, so is having a grumbling tummy from hunger. As such make sure you eat your supper two to three hours before going to bed. Make sure your portions are enough to keep you full and not over fed. If you are hungry before bed, treat yourself with a small healthy snack. Apples are a good example , but anything light would do .

Avoid both caffeine and alcohol(eg wines) before going to bed . Anything containing caffeine and alcohol acts as a stimulant, consequently, you might have difficulties when trying to sleep.

3.Tone the daytime naps down.

This might be a hard one to follow , considering you have the whole 24 hours to do whatever you want. If you happen to not be working from hole or just don’t have anything to do , you might be susceptible to daytime naps. No matter how fulfilling these are, having daytime naps continuously can affect your sleeping patterns at night. As such, if you can minimize the number of times you sleep in the afternoon, you will enjoy restful sleep.

4.Get active during the day.

Regular exercise during the day can be very helpful when it come to improving your sleep quality. Why? Well, depending on the intensity of your exercises, they increase the amount of time you spend in deep, restorative sleep while also boosting the natural sleep hormones in our bodies. So going for a daily walk could prove beneficial when it’s time for you to sleep.


Stress management is very important in order to achieve a good sleep pattern. From dealing with the family to work related stress, it can be difficult to decompress. Journaling is a good way to de-stress before bed. Grab your diary and jot down what your worries are and assign a time you can deal with them the following day. Being anxious before bed can prevent you from getting enough sleep to getting none at all.So be careful what and who is on your mind when you go to bed.

6.Read a book.

Read a book till you get tired if you can’t sleep

If you get in bed and find you can not sleep, grab a book and read until you feel sleepy or tired. Music is always a remedy. Listen to soothing music whilst comfortably tucked in bed. Being relaxed, in a restful environment and in the dark provides you with the ideal relaxed environment you need to get good sleep.

If you try the above tips and still find yourself struggling to sleep, contact your doctor and get more help. At the end of each day, we all deserve to get a good rest . Every body part deserves it, so it is important that you get good sleep after every single day.

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