60/10 method and Crested Barbets

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So, now that we are all working at home, we should all try to follow what Robin Sharma describes in his book entitled “The 5am Club” as the 60/10 method of working. This means that you focus completely on one type of work for a complete hour and then take a 10 minute break. For me today it was checking on my payroll software for one hour followed by a 10 minute sit down in the garden checking out the birding behaviour in my front garden.

When I moved into this house many years ago there was a large Seringa Berry tree just 10 metres away from my verandah. Over the years I have had to chop down some of the larger branches that have grown too big. There is one sawn-off section that a pair of Crested Barbets come back to several times a year to hatch their babies – they have somehow managed to dig into the soft, underlying bark and place a hole that is big enough for their young to hide and grow. I watched today as dad held watch on a leafy overhead branch whilst mom went on numerous trips to collect food (presumably worms?) for the new family. On each return, she would sit a foot away from the entrance looking for predators and then quickly nip into the hole to fill wide open, crying beaks.

With the age-old way that nature works, however, there are a couple of Fork Tailed Drongos lurking very close to the “Nest” patiently waiting for a chance to pinch a baby whilst mom is out shopping! C’est la Vie. Ciao Mike G.

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