Calisthenics during the Lockdown

By David Chifamba

I won’t lie the news of the Lockdown actually excited me a bit as I thought of it as a dream come true. Were finally nothing was going to stand in the way of me lying in my bed and binge watching Netflix all day. To my surprise after 48hrs of “my dream come true” I was already bored out of my mind, and urging for activities to do that did not involve my bed or Netflix or eating. As during those 2 days with my sleep schedule was messed up, and I found myself eating lots of junk foods and snacks just to try and make time pass by faster.

I then decided why not start my own Calisthenics program (body weight gyming) to give myself something productive to do, at first it wasn’t easy but I guess nothing ever is when starting. However I can tell you one thing, and that it has definitely helped fix my sleeping schedule! Upon starting the program, I made it clear to myself of what I had wanted to achieve which was to lose body fat and gain muscle mass.

After doing some research, I realised that the best time to start your workout was in the morning especially if you are thinking of cutting and building like me. Although when gyms were open I would go in the evening as that is what used to work for me, mainly because I am not exactly a morning person. Before breakfast is when I would start but I would have some water and a banana before the workout because it is full of naturally healthy energy to fuel the workout.

I usually do not stretch before the workout but after it i do to help myself with the build up of lactic acid. During my workouts I usually start with different types of press ups, which focus on different muscles e.g. triceps, biceps, lower and upper chest etc.

I then move on to Abs and Core workouts such as sit ups, plank and oblique exercises etc and finally at the end I do a 30 minute cardio session where I skip rope and and do hill sprints one after the other. Along my journey i have picked up some things which actually help alot, such as doing every rep properly and not rushing them as after all there are no shortcuts to achieving what we want. Also it is important for one to add variation in ones workouts as this prevents muscle memory which can stunt ones progress.

Calisthenics – exercise consisting of a variety of simple movements usually performed without weights or other equipment

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