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The growth of a new fashion brand Samsara

Samsara was created in 2015 by Victoria Fichani and her aunt with the vision to create sophisticated and lively designs. It is a budding fashion and design brand that has taken the Zimbabwean fashion market by storm. Initially, it was created as a partnership, however, Victoria later decided to take on the project on her own.

Drawing her inspiration from young, black women who aspire to be entrepreneurs and financially independent, Victoria has managed to create her own brand as a means to motivate the young women around her to become fierce and chase after their dreams. Samsara is a manifestation of what great power and will can result in. The design house tailor makes garments at the client’s requests with no limitations. Samsara not only caters to the needs of women but also makes stunning garments for both men and children. Samsara boasts of an array of designs under its portfolio, from alluring summer Ankara garments to unique corporate wear, they do it all!  If interested in having a garment tailor-made for you by Samsara you simply call, text or message them to set up an appointment. The readily available tailors will be there to serve your every need style-wise when you come through for your measurements. As simple as that, your order will be ready in 7 working days.

The Ndeipi team managed to have a sit down with Victoria who told us more about her journey as a fashion designer in Zimbabwe.

As a new fashion brand in Harare, what challenges have you faced?

Due to limited options in regards to fabric, we can not really be creative with what is locally available. Should we have to start importing fabrics from other countries, our pricing would have to be excessive and we definitely would not want that for our clients.

Where do you source your materials from?

Samsara sources most of its fabric and materials from both local and international suppliers within Africa, for example Ghana , Nigeria, and Congo.

Can you briefly describe how the design process is from paper to garment?

The process from design to garment is pretty simple. Most of our clients come in with an image or vision of what they have seen and want to be recreated for them. They come through to our workshop and we take their measurements and we recreate the design or vision for them.

What are you most proud of as a designer in Zimbabwe?

I love that the Zimbabwean market is now open and keen on trying on new fashion trends and designs making it easy and enjoyable for us as designers to come up with extremely exciting and stylish designs. 

Do you have any local fashion icons you look up to ? 

I look up to Maxine Adams and Mitchell Pasi because I really adore and appreciate their fashion sense.

Do you have other creatives you have collaborated with or look forward to collaborating with?

I look forward to working with Zarguesia in the future.

What advice would you give to someone who is passionate about design and fashion, but doesn’t know where to start from?

Be Inquisitive. Feel free to ask people that are already in the industry what challenges, opportunities and experiences they have been through. Ask for advice and mentorship so as to have a sense of direction in the industry. Be open to turn downs as well, not everyone will be willing to share their information, however, there is always someone open to sharing tips and guidelines. Do a lot of research and read a lot about other fashion and design icons, do not feel limited to just the Zimbabwean designers, be versatile. Ask people you think are successful how they did it.

What is your vision for the brand in the next couple of years?

I want Samsara to be a popular brand, both nationally and internationally, as a bespoke house that has a wide range of looks from out-wear, luxe range and normal day-to-day outfits.

Images provided by Samsara

Originally published in the 1st Issue of Ndeipi Newsletter

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