A Relaxing Winter Retreat in Nyanga

By MiMi

As we welcome back winter to the southern hemisphere in Africa it doesn’t mean we cant holiday ! This for me , is the perfect time to enjoy a winter escape to Zimbabwe’s Eastern Highlands . Nyanga is the ultimate setting to snuggle up , relax and take in the mystical mountaneous surroundings .

A 3 hour drive from Harare and a beautiful journey to the scenic green mountains and rivers of Nyanga. Known for its mystery ,crisp air, wholesome fruits and jams , lush greenery and mountains. With a number of hotels and cottages available in the area ,I opted for Legacy’s historical hotel, Troutbeck Resort known for its prime location and unbelievable views.

Built in the 1940’s the hotels fused its historical influence and exciting new renovations that are ongoing . From its welcoming fire at reception , to it impressive lake and mountain views. Troutbeck is perfect for the guest looking for privacy and comfort nestled away in the lush surroundings. For me , it was a perfect time to enjoy the transitioning seasons and take in the afternoons at the lakeside .

The garden is a favourite for afternoon tea and in my case, COFFEE and some much needed relaxation with the fresh ambiance and air . While this visit for me was brief, with limited activities , I plan on conquering my height fears on my next trip with a visit to the Mutarazi Falls skyline and sky walk! This looks both exciting and a challenge with a view.

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