A Story About Colouring The Streets

By CaliGraph

Have you ever walked around the streets of our city and seen lots of potential? Potential so raw that one can build anything they think of? Or, have you noticed the blankness that is within the spaces that we live, walk and work in? Do you ever have the sense that there is something missing, something that will add meaning and depth to those spaces?

We see spaces that are devoid of colour and yet they could be canvases not only for images but messages, colours and inspiration. We are CaliGraph. A public art collective specialising in street art, murals and graffiti. Having drawn inspiration from cities like Johannesburg and Berlin, we realised it is our job to make sure our spaces are full of colour. We create images that speak to people and their issues while giving places an identity and beauty.

Our journey started in 2018 and we have been through many phases of learning since then. Our short journey has allowed us to learn about people, spaces as well as our position and role in society. We work within communities and we place images that inspire, reminding them of the greatness within. We hope that the images that we paint will start conversations that question societal beliefs while celebrating ourselves and our heroes. You will find our murals in places that people have access to for greater engagement.

We are currently working on a self-funded collaborative project called ‘Let Love Lead’ with Ulenni OkaNdlovu and Baobab Media. The intention is to visit as many spaces as we can in high density and rural areas to place murals that have words and images of hope, love and inspiration. Our target is a young audience, to help them see beyond their current circumstances. We see it as our role to educate the youth about their rights reproductive, sexual and mental health as well as the environment.

Ours is an art and not vandalism, reclaiming spaces and sharing a positive message.


Instagram: @caligraph.co, Facebook: @CaliGraph, Twitter: @CaliGrph, Email: www.caligraph.co.zw
Marcus +263 775 047 438
Nyasha +263 733 886 672

Images provided by CaliGraph

Ndeipi Magazine, Issue 113 http://ndeipi.co.zw

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