Abs workout- Remedy for lower back pain.

By Zoe Mugoni

Abdominal muscles play a crucial role in the body by supporting the spine, posture and respiratory functions such as breathing.

By working out your abs, your chances of having improved posture, reduced back pains and reducing body fat are increased.

Remember to enjoy!

About Coach Zoe

Zoë Mugoni, a University student and hockey player is extremely passionate about working out and keeping fit. Her fitness journey is fueled by the fact that a strong body creates a strong mind. Keeping active not only keeps you fit but each work out is a challenge that needs to be overcome. Zoë is also passionate about inspiring and motivating other individuals to begin their fitness journeys because the reward of it is priceless. Part time, Zoë is also a Hockey Coach and a Team Building Facilitator.

Email zoemugoni81@gmail.com
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Featured image by Pixabay

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