Advice from Sean Quinlan for motorists

-ZRP has acknowledged there are rogue members in service, as well as bogus police wearing borrowed or stolen uniforms.

– It is mandatory for a member of ZRP to identify himself/herself when requested to do so.

– There are very few legitimate reasons for members of ZRP to commandeer your vehicle. Traffic infringements are not included and you are totally within your rights to resist entry into your vehicle.

If you feel you are under real threat, the following tips will get you out of trouble:

– Keep your car doors locked at all times – with emphasis on ALL times, applying to both males and females.

– Keep moving: Drive to the nearest police station or a public area such as a shopping centre … wherever you will find a crowd.

– Message for help: If you are not already on a traffic group then message your local neighbourhood group or similar. Somebody will know who to contact for help. From years of experience through the roadblock era, you can be confident your community WILL respond.

– Phone for help: Save the below numbers into your phone (under ICE or similar).

– Avoid distracted driving: Put your cell phones away while driving!

Share this information with the vulnerable members of your family and community – especially your youngsters and senior family members.

Take Care,


ZRP Harare Central Police Station, Operations: (0242) 748836 (24-hour). Contact for assistance with incidents around the Harare CBD.

ZRP Police General Head Quarters, Harare: (0242) 703631 (24-hour). PGHQ, Harare Anti-Corruption members will take calls from all over the country, referring you to the most appropriate person in your area, where necessary.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

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