African Adventuring: Wadi Mujib, Jordan

By Wanderlust Rue

An unforgettable canyoning experience through Wadi Mujib, known as the Arnon Stream in biblical terms. The Mujib River in Jordan flows into the Dead Sea. Whether you are on your own or you meet people prior to starting or along the way, you will definitely feel a sense of camaraderie because there are certain obstacles where you will need a hand from other hikers. The Siq trail was the only trail open in late September and it totaled about 4 hours hiking, including queuing time due to the extreme terrain.

© Wanderlust Rue

The best reward of this trail is hiking between the majestic sandstone cliffs that lead to the base of an impressive waterfall where you can have a swim on a super hot day plus the free pedicure from the Garda Rufa fish (found in the water. They are used in fish pedicures), it tickles so be warned. Most of the trails lead through water at varying levels so be prepared to get wet and all trails have to be booked in advance.

© Wanderlust Rue

When I return to Jordan my next goal is the Malaqi trail for sure. Negotiating with taxi drivers to get to the trails from the Dead Sea is easy enough but, there are not many out there willing to give you a cheaper deal than you would get if you hired out an all day taxi from Amman. Nevertheless, I would highly recommend hiring your own car and driving there yourself, that way you can enjoy both the Dead Sea and Wadi Mujib. There is plenty to do for those who like to explore the great outdoors. It is a great way to experience the Dead Sea and something that should not be missed- © NZiRA Travel Zimbabwe

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