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HI All,

I woke up early this morning to join a few mates for a healthy swim session at St Johns. The route I take to go there just happened to be the one being used for today’s CBZ 42km Marathon so I passed alongside hundreds of runners wearing an unusual headscarf given to all participants by the CBZ major sponsor. African Sun had a drinks stand not far from my home so, as they are the largest recipient of our Nzira Travel Zimbabwe magazine, I naturally took the opportunity to chat to the ladies “Manning the tent”. African Sun are in the midst of major upgrading of 7 of their Zimbabwe hotels – watch this space for more details as and when they are ready to launch their new offerings later in the year.

After our swim I walked over to watch a game of intense hockey being played on the excellent new Astra Turf Hockey pitch that St Johns have had set up in their school grounds. In the good old days (early 80s)  we used to play mixed business league hockey after work – watching those players this morning had me thinking about going down to Absolute Sports and buying myself a hockey stick – it didn’t take long for reality to sink in, however,  when I noticed the speed that these players were flicking that hard ball around the track – shin pads would surely not be enough for this oldtimer. They are, apparently, hosting an interprovincial hockey tournament there next weekend so do yourself a favour and go down to watch a sport that is surely going to see lots of new interest because of this new pitch.

This time of the year is surely one of the best for enjoying the outdoors. It always brings back one of my favourite sayings from my schoolboy French lessons-  Le Soleil Brille et les Oiseaux chantent – The sun is shining and the birds are singing.

Here, in Harare, we have so many different facilities and opportunities to play sport and this weekend I have been very fortunate to have been witness to some fun loving folks participating in their favourites.

The golf courses are all looking lush and green with most of the heavy rough been trimmed – a few tiny, baby impala clinging onto their moms alongside the 16th Fairway at Chapman (there are now over 14 Impala on the course)

Then there was the fun Masters Swimming Relay gala held yesterday afternoon at Innovate Gym – great to see so many 20-something year old kids dicing with their mates – especially the Butterfly kings.

For those of you that just want to enjoy the beautiful weather might want think about going out to for a hike up Ngomokurira granite kopjes some 8 km past Domboshava on the Borrowdale Road.

Whatever your buzz just take time out today and forget about what is happening at the office. Enjoy Mike G                                                                                                                                                                            

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