Are You Living a Soulful Life?

By Tete Rudo

A Soulful Life is based on a personal relationship with God which involves the following:

S – surrender

O – obedience

U – unconditional trust

L – love

F – forgiveness

U – understanding

L – laughter

Here are two poems that capture what it means to “surrender” to God and to “obey” God in relationship with Him.


To surrender

To God

Is not



It is a conscious decision to

Let Go


Let God.

This means to

Let go of the

Worry and weariness

Of daily living

And instead

Make room for

Christ Himself

In your life.

By giving Him

Your life

In exchange for

His Life in you

You become a

New Creation

With a

New Life!

This is a process

Not an event.

It takes time.

But the reward is




Is putting your money

Where your mouth is.

It is walking

Your talk.


Is saying “ yes!”

To God each time

He prompts you

To act.

His ways

Are not

Our ways.

Each time you say “yes!”

To God

You grow.

As you grow

Your inner life

Becomes vibrant and dynamic

So do you!


As your inner life grows and flourishes, you bloom and your outer life also blooms! The Joy of the Lord, becomes your strength!

Tete Rudo

Personal Empowerment Coach


Featured Image from Pixabay

Originally published in the 113th issue of Ndeipi Magazine

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