Art, Isolation and Covid-19

By Lucy Tingay

I manage and curate the Corridor Gallery. The gallery is situated in Sorella’s pizza restaurant and café in Rolf Valley. Exhibitions are organised in conjunction with the restaurant.

Due to the potential threat of Covid-19, I had to postpone our latest exhibition and close the gallery. It was in this quiet time that I had the idea to start an online exhibition. The exhibition is entitled ‘Isolation’ and it encourages artists to create artworks in situ, i.e. at home or in a studio. This was before the lockdown started. I wanted artists to use their imagination and creativity without putting themselves in risk by travelling.

 Covid-19 has infiltrated our lives, our thinking and has stopped many people from earning a living. The world has had to change, to slow down and to come together to protect one another from sickness and death. It is a big strain on economies, on family life and is having a huge effect on our health services. In light of this I wanted artists to still have a platform to show their work, to connect with one another and the rest of the world. Art is very important always, but it is particularly important in difficult times. It expresses a unique perspective.

I sent out an invitation via Whatsapp, for artists to take on the exciting challenge to submit photos of their art based on Covid-19.. how the virus affects their lives and how they perceive it. I have posted images of artists’ work on our Instagram page (@the_corridor_gallery) and the Corridor Facebook page; I require a photo of the work or works, the artists name and the title of the work or works. I also am asking for a few lines about the work and the medium used. All of this is to be sent to me via Whatsapp. Please be aware that I want quality work, but this online exhibition is open to all ages and to anyone in Zimbabwe and beyond. I would like it to be an open exhibition that starts a conversation and connects us all.

I post images as I get them, there is no deadline but once I reopen the gallery I will end the online exhibition. An actual exhibition on this subject may happen in the future, depending on other commitments. Keep in touch!


Lucy Tingay

Tel: 0775435976

‘’Creatively quarantined’’ by Mufudzi Richard Makurundundu. One of the two photos exhibited.

Mufudzi is a fashion designer.

‘’Mental Attack of the Coronavirus’’ by Zainah Ebrahim. A digital art piece.

‘’Stay Safe’’ by Brendain Hyundai Kambarazina, a self-taught pencil artist.

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