Art through the eyes of Inge

By Inge E Gijzen

“I paint what I feel. I paint what my colours tell me. My painting comes straight out of my heart. 

My work, although spontaneous, is inspired by experiences in different environments and places in the world, which are my main sources of creativity for my unique and vivid touch in colour and strokes on the canvas. 

Painting is a print of the soul. The beauty of the soul is always simple and simplicity is the hardest state for the soul to reach”- Inge E Gijzen

“Everything you can imagine is real”-Pablo Picasso.


Inge E Gijzen is a Dutch national with Indonesian roots. In January 2015, she moved from Jakarta to Harare, Zimbabwe. Her style has evolved from naturalistic to abstract expressionist, working with acrylics, strong colours and blends, utilizing layers and textures to achieve unique and harmonious results. She takes inspiration from artists such as Popo Iskandars, Monet, Picasso, van Gogh and Gauguin. 

Originally published in the first newsletter of Ndeipi

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