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Camilla Odendaal was born and raised in Zimbabwe in 1996, growing up on many farms around the country. She was exposed to the African bush and wildlife at a young age. School holidays were always ones for extended camping trips for up to four weeks at a time with family, particularly in Mana Pools during the thirsty dry season and Gonarezhou during the relief of the rains. Camilla’s love and understanding of nature stemmed from her parents, who hold the African bush close to heart. It is with this that Camilla went on to study a BSc in Biodiversity and Ecology at Stellenbosch University in South Africa from 2015-2017. Having completed a conservation and evolutionary-based degree, Camilla’s understanding deepened for the world around us. After returning home from her studies she pursued her passion for translating her love for wildlife onto paper. Through her varied techniques, each communicating something different about the subject, Camilla aims to help bring more awareness to wildlife conservation. Her long term goal is to project her work towards funding for the continuation of conservation efforts in Zimbabwe.

Camilla Odendaal

Q & As

1. When did you start doing art and what motivated you?
I started art at Lomagundi College, completing an art portfolio at Cambridge A level. Having a keen interest in conservation from a young age, I went on to study a BSc Biodiversity and Ecology at Stellenbosch University in South Africa. After completing the degree I felt more motivated than ever to help create awareness for our wildlife in the best way I know how, on paper!

2. What inspires your works and what kind of art do you do?
My work is inspired by the African bush and its wildlife. Having spent many school holidays camping in Mana Pools and Gonarezhou, I developed a deeper understanding of nature. I try to communicate movement and the essence of the subjects’ character in my work.

Porcupine – ‘On Display’, Acrylic on tobacco paper, 51cm x 43cm

3. Do you plan to do more solo exhibitions?
Yes absolutely, I also hope to collaborate with other artists in future to fundraise towards conservation efforts in Zimbabwe.

4. Briefly describe your first solo exhibition?
I named the exhibition Assortment as it was a mixed collection of original artworks. I have a variety of techniques and mediums that I love to use so I felt the name was so fitting. It was held at Tanglewood Artzone, which accommodated the different art pieces extremely well in its many open rooms.

Baobab – ‘Solitude’, Acrylic on watercolour paper, 59cm x 42cm

Artwork by Camilla Odendaal

Nzira Magazine, Issue 14

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