Avondale Flea Market – Zim Spirit, Great Vibes

By Nicole Dunford

“Whoever said that money cannot buy happiness, simply didn’t know where to go shopping.” – Bo Derek

Iconic. Unique. Avondale Flea Market has certainly stood the test of time – having been around since many of us can remember!

The market has one of the largest selections of ethnic arts and crafts in the country and offers a wide range of products from vintage clothing to cell phones and everything in between.

Avondale Flea Market – One-Stop-Shopping

Picture this.

You need to get new clothes for the upcoming season. You need your favourite football team’s new jersey. Your cellphone is in need of some accessories. School’s out so you need books, toys, and games to keep the kids entertained. You need a unique gift for a friend’s birthday; and oh, you need your hair done.

You could drive around Harare looking for all these things… or… you could (and should) visit Avondale Flea Market and get everything in one place (yes, we’ve even got a hairdresser!) – negotiating prices along the way! Who does not love a good deal?

Passionate about Promoting Business

Without a doubt though, one of the highlights of the market is the vibrant community of vendors, some of whom have been around for over fifteen years. Avondale Flea Market has incubated many businesses over the decades, many of which have remained at the market with second generations taking over. The stories here are incredible, giving even more depth to the spirit of the market. Avondale Flea Market is proud to continue to serve and leave an impact on the community at large.

A Committed Team

The longevity that Avondale Flea Market has enjoyed is also attributable to the team working tirelessly behind the scenes. As times have changed, they have adapted. Improving what is on the ground as well as boosting their social media campaign efforts, bringing value to shoppers and vendors alike.

The Best Way to Shop

The best bit about Avondale Flea Market? Open-air shopping. With our beautiful Zimbabwean weather, is there any better way to shop? Additionally, in these covid times, open-air shopping can be safer with the fresh air and space to help maintain physical distancing. There are sanitizing and temperature check stations at every entrance and, of course, no mask no entry!

With the variety at Avondale Flea Market, there is excitement in not knowing what you are going to find. Whether you are swiping through the rails looking for unique, preloved clothing or searching for on-trend fashion, you are sure to find something to suit your style. Shopping at the market is also a great family experience – there is something for everyone; and if you need some inspiration or tips on what to look out for, follow their social media pages to stay on top of what is available at the flea market.

Avondale Flea Market – Undeniable Zim Spirit

With all that the market has to offer, one thing stands out – Zimbabwean spirit. Avondale Flea Market is where you will find warm welcomes, friendliness, respect, a sense of comradery, and a willingness to help. Shopping is always fun, but people always make that much more of a difference.

For more information follow:


Avondale Flea Market

Or contact them on 0782 743 917 

Open daily from 8 am to 3:30 pm

Images from Avondale Flea Market

Originally published in the 6th Ndeipi Issue

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