Bambazonke Nhasi – Friday, December 3, 2021

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Upcoming Events

A Workshop for Women Transforming through Menopause
Self-care and Yoga restoration: Saturday 11th Dec 1400 hrs – 1700 hrs. Your Workshop facilitator and Yoga Therapist, Dharmika, has over 20 years of personal yoga practice and specialises in therapeutic yoga and meditation for adults, the elderly, neurotypical children, and children with special needs. She has over 500 hrs of Teacher training. Enjoy an afternoon of pampering the self and rejuvenation at the beautiful Lotu’s Wellness Spa. Contact me for more details. Workshop Investment: US $35.00 (without massage + manicure) US $50.00 (with massage + manicure). For information and Pre-booking: WhatsApp +277 395 16651 or +263 774 736 861.


Kombucha Scoby
If anyone would like a kombucha scoby  (SCOBY is Symbiotic Community of Bacteria and Yeasts; not sure what to do with it:  then please contact me on call / WhatsApp Trish on 0772334991. 

Road Condition – Road Kwekwe to Lupane
A huge thank you to everyone who responded to our message yesterday. Here is an update on the condition of the road if anyone else is interested. We travelled it end October, a good dirt track for the most part, some areas with some corrugation.  We would use it again, except we thought that it would be impassable in the rainy season………………….. I travelled to Vic Falls via Bulawayo last week. They are doing road works, complete resurfacing on one of the roads at Lupane which may be the Kwekwe road but I am not sure.  I believe the roadworks are being done by DDF so maybe they can advise…………… I drove that road in October, it cut about 200km off the journey but it’s not worth it, the Nkayi to Gokwe road/Kwekwe section is terrible and the wear and tear on your vehicle is not worth it, the Lupane to Nkayi dirt section is OK but you are sitting on edge driving due to the slippery surface etc, the Bulawayo to Gweru route is so quiet and the road is good so might as well keep on that route…………….. We travelled from Lupane to Kwe Kwe about 6 weeks ago. The road is a bit bumpy and sandy in places, but the washed away bridge has been replaced, and overall the road is fine……………………My partner has driven that road a few months back for the Vic Falls Cycle Challenge and it was great…dirt road most of the way but decent; it really helped save on distance and driving time.
Specialists Services

Water Testing
Water testing should be a periodic concern rather than a once-in-a-lifetime check. Water is a necessity for life, and as such that necessity needs to be protected! It is important to test the suitability of your water quality either for business purposes, agriculture, public municipalities, or private homeowners.VisitAgLabs @ Agricura House, 62 Birmingham Rd Southerton. Full water test cost10, 316.45 per sample. All forms of payment are accepted. 0772630126

For Sale

Grab Your Iphone Today With Brand Technologies

Iphone 13 Pro Max 128gb $2100.00. IPhone 12 Pro Max. 256gb $1450.00. iPhone 12 Pro Max. 128gb. $1400.00. Iphone 11 Pro Max.  256gb $1300.00. Iphone 11 128gb $850.00. Iphone XS Max 256gb $800.00. Iphone XR 64gb $600.00. Iphone X 256gb $550.00. All iPhones are boxed and have warranty delivery available contact us on +263773 218 854. Samsung’s also available.

Early Christmas sale with Bindu Books
Sunrising ,The Sun is Bright, Children Trees Emotions Africa, Mulberry Dreams, Jack Malloch, Young and BulletProof, Fighting & Writing- The Rhodesian Army,  15th Club, Angel in a Thorn Bush, A Brutal State of Affairs, A Walk Through the WoodsTimeless Bulawayo 2022 Calendars, Zimbabwe Z to E, A Short History of Bulawayo, A Moment of the Rose, Not the Whispering Wild, Roogs T-shirts among many others. For more info visit us at 37 Victoria Drive, Newlands, email: or call 0771715804. 

Shops and Stores

Need summer or event dress?
Head to Dressy NOW IN POMONA with over 800 summer and event dresses to choose from! Fantastic quality, variety of styles and sizes, $10 summer dresses, $15 formal/semi-formal (more than 3 price drops to $12). Age 14 and upwards. New stock every couple of weeks. Pretty shop and change room. Open Wed 9am-4pm, Sat 9am-12 –  contact Sara 0774 910 021 for address. 

Hubchip-For All your Brand new Apple products and Repairs
Iphone 13 128 gig  $1400 Iphone 13 pro 128 gig $1850 Iphone 13 promax 256 gig $2100 I watch series 3 $350 Imac 2021 series $2400 Macbooks 2021 series Ipad mini and pro 2021 series Macbook pro coi7 16 inches 16 gig ram $3600 Macbook pro Coi9 16 inches 32 gig ram 1 terra-bite storage $5000 2020 m1 chip 13inch Macbook pro 8 gig ram 512 storage $2000 Macbook pro 2020 M1 chip 8 gig ram 256 storage $1900 Iphones,Ipads,hp laptops, and Accessories Sales: Brian 0774695416,0242006481 Free delivery Or visit Hubchip shop i13  Eastgate Market Old Mutual Properties. 

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