Bambazonke Short Story Contest!

Once a week in primary school our teacher would give us a composition topic to write on, my favourite topics always revolved around my family or trips I had taken. Such as, “My Mother”, “My Holiday” and the Zimbabwean teacher favourite, “The Day I’ll Never Forget.” Though the topics were straightforward I remember fully allowing my imagination to take control of the words I put on my paper. I could be whoever or wherever I wanted to be. What a glorious time it was!

This time at home has allowed me to reminisce on my childhood and I believe you have to. Why? Because amidst all this chaos, we each have this yearning of wanting to go back to simpler times, where everything was straightforward and the world was our oyster.

We, at Bindu Media, would like to give you all a chance to write a short story about a favourite memory or place you visited from your childhood. We would like as many people as possible to submit a short story (600- 1000 words) entitled:

____________________________________________“ A memory from my childhood”__________________________________________

Why not pick up a pen or your device and write us an essay. There will be prizes for the best entry (s)

 We look forward to reading your stories!

Send entries to Kindly follow this link for entry guidelines:

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