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By Kudzanai Chidemo, Beaucolore

As we enter the summer months with our fingers firmly crossed for good rains, there are numerous additions to our daily routines we need to put in place. Skincare is one of, if not the most important daily routines we can have, especially when the sun is relentlessly beating down. The skin is the body’s largest organ, your first line of defence and therefore needs some tender love and care on a daily basis.

Founder of Beaucolore (beautiful colour), Kudzanai Chidemo is a beautician who studied in the United Kingdom and Zimbabwe. She began her business by entering the beauty industry in 2009 with her unique skills in makeup application. Moving forward as her vision grew, with time, so did her well established brand and it expanded into all things beauty and skincare related.

“Skincare is important whether or not you wear makeup because we encounter gases and fumes throughout the day so it is important to protect our skin at all costs. Many factors go into what skincare routine would work best for you, genes and lifestyle choices are some of the main ones. Maintaining healthy skin starts from the inside, what you take in your body determines what happens on the outside.” – Kudzanai

During the hotter months, focusing on facial skincare Kudzanai lets us know to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Her recommended regime would be, firstly – increase your water intake. Water helps the skin to remain plump and improves its elasticity amongst a host of other benefits to the whole body. 

Ya’ll ever heard that saying, ‘Drink water and mind your business?’ oh, I digress.

Next she suggests adding a good quality hydrating mask once a week to your regimen, cleanse and tone twice a day, exfoliate twice a week, steam twice a week, and to get rid of any pesky pimples apply ice for a few minutes to help reduce inflammation. Finally, do not forget to moisturise and top off with some sunscreen! This may all sound a little complicated for those of us who just wash and go, however in time as we all grow older someday we may look back and thank ourselves for taking better care of our skin. In order to get the most out of your skincare routine as well as selecting the right products, one must book for a skin analysis with a dermatologist or beautician.

Here is to keeping that summer glow all year round! 

For more on all things beauty and skincare contact Beaucolore, Instagram: @beaucoloremakeup

Originally published in the December Issue of Ndeipi Magazine

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