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I drove down to Bulawayo last week to give a morning presentation of program updates to some 40 of my Softrite Payroll Customers.  Then, as I so often do, I decided to spend my last night at the Big Cave Lodge hidden amongst the spiritual rocky mountain ranges of the Matobo Hills (Matopos). Big Cave is just 30 minutes away from the centre of Bulawayo and makes for a very pleasant evening relaxing after a hard day’s work. Many of Bulawayo’s city lodges and hotels are, for some inexplicable reason, experiencing 100% occupancy rates at the moment giving even more reason to stay away from the city lights.

The Big Cave has 8 thatched lodges discreetly built into the surrounding dwalas (Rocky Outcrops or Balancing Rocks) and all of them have magnificent views. Guests that want to adventure away from the lodge in search of wildlife can spend a morning or afternoon with a resident guide, Shephard. Tours can also be organised to visit the nearby Matobo National Park where fully equipped and trained guides can walk with you to track White Rhino.

For me, I like to leave town at about 4 pm giving enough daylight time to scamper up the nearest dwala where I generally just sit on my own taking in the absolute quiet for an end of day “Mindfulness” session. There are a lot of harmless antelope running around the huge property with several dirt roads allowing you to either drive or, preferably, walk around at first light to build up an appetite for their scrumptious breakfast. The Matobo Hills have always been regarded as having the highest Leopard Population in the world and if you are lucky enough to come across one in the wild 99% of the time they will have slunk away long before you have had time to raise your cell phone for that once in a lifetime photo. Meals are served promptly at 7 pm each night with fellow guests relating their various tales from the day’s outings. For those that prefer to just chill, a well-stocked bar allows you to sip on a thirst-quenching drink at sundown.

If you are interested in find out more about the Big Cave then please give Camp Manageress, Lynn Goodwin, a Whatsapp call on 0777-574-418. .

Enjoy Mike G.

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