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When I was a boarder at Gifford in the late 60s there was a mandatory additional £3 added to our fees for the term’s pocket money. Every Saturday morning we would rush out from breakfast to join the queue to collect our weekly drawings from our housemaster, Dick Cowan. Dick kept a meticulous ledger recording each and every drawing for each individual in the hostel. He would also give subtle comments if you asked him for any excessive amounts that would affect the chances of you having any left towards the end of the term.

On those Saturdays when our First XV were playing away – showing the likes of Plumtree and Falcon the finer points of running rugby – us boys would be allowed to take an afternoon exeat to go down to the local Bioscope.  On those days we would withdraw an extra sixpence so that we could buy a large box of popcorn and a coke. There were 4 movie houses in Bulawayo in those days – Palace and Monte Carlo in one section; Royal and Metro in Grey St. We normally headed off to the latter 2 as they were right next to each other so we could then choose which Flick to watch based on where the Townsend girls were going.

The most popular movies in those days were, of course, the Ian Flemings 007 series with Sean Connery starring as Bond… James Bond. Teenage guys used to have large photos of the well-endowed, Ursula Andress on their walls – she was the heroine in the first 007 film- Dr No. Sean Connery was seen by all the ladies as kind of Greek god and, to add to that, he was one of the best actors with that very defining Scottish brogue (accent) and a naughty smile.

Sean Connery died in his sleep on Friday night – there are lots of news items being posted on his life and career – see the selection below – Ciao Garden – Mike Garden!

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