Booty Blaster by Ndurance Fitness, part 4

By Ndurance Fitness

Give this Booty Blaster a go!

Here is one of our workouts to help you stay on track.


1.Crab walk with a pulse -5 crab walks, 5 pulses , 5 crab walks , 5 pulses and then repeat and go the other way.

2.Glute raise with banded abduction- —-20 REPS—— make sure you really squeeze at the top ,keep those hips up while you do the banded abduction,at the top. If you do not have the band you can still do these. Keep your core tight and head up to help focus your movement.

3.Squat Jump with a pulse-10-20 REPS.

4.Donkey kicks with or without a weight-20 REPS per leg- your knee is at roughly 90’ angle , press upwards towards the ceiling with your foot not backwards.

5.Side/lateral lunges – 10- 12 reps per leg. Make sure you keep your toes pointing forward on both feet as you step out into the lunge .

6.Froggy pumps -20 REPS- get your feet facing together and as close to your body, keep your head up , but not straining on your neck, engage your core and make sure you squeeze your glutes at the top.

Have fun!

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