Brake fluid is one such item that is easy to ignore.


Summer time, many drivers will be looking to embark on extended trips during the warm season, with their vehicles loaded fully. Such conditions place an extra strain on virtually all parts of the car, which is why thorough prior checks are essential. If your car has not been serviced within the last twelve months, it is not a bad idea to have the work done before you leave. This way, you can ensure that the relevant fluids have been checked and/or changed, to provide optimum performance. Or, have they?


Brake fluid is one such item that is easy to ignore. Checking the brake fluid level reservoir level (pictured) is only one maintenance requirement. As brake fluid has to absorb a considerable amount of heat from the brakes, it must maintain a boiling point of around 270°C. Over time, this boiling point reduces, because the fluid absorbs water from the atmosphere. When contaminated with moisture, its boiling point reduces. Just 3% water contamination can cut the boiling point by up to 100°C.


A reduced boiling point can be extremely dangerous because if the fluid vapourises within the braking system, the brakes will fail. No matter how hard the driver depresses the brake pedal, it will sink uselessly to the floor. Understandably, this situation is more likely, if you are undertaking sustained braking in hot weather, with a fully laden vehicle.

Therefore, if you have no record of your fluid being changed, ask your garage to test a sample for you and advise accordingly. Most car manufacturers and braking component specialists recommend that the fluid is changed at least once every two years.

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