Brand Update

The New Bambazonke

Bambazonke has been operating for over 17 years now and we are delighted to announce our plans to update and roll-out our look!

It's a new beginning for Bambazonke
Bambazonke New Logo

Over the past few months, we have been trialing several new things that have been developed this year including a new look (you might have noticed a few small changes already), a completely new platform, a new premium service, and with all of these changes; an update to the Bambazonke Brand. 

Today we are extremely excited to launch this significant transformation and hope it will push our Bambazonke email service to new highs whilst simultaneously keeping the things that have made our readers come to love Bambazonke.

We have made big changes to our branding, logos, and most importantly the platform we deliver our Bambazonke Emails.

Nothing! If you've received this, The new Bambazonke emails will start being delivered to you from today.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Please follow our guide which explains why these problems occur and gives a few solutions on how to fix them.

This often occurs when a new email platform is used, please whitelist us by right clicking on the email.  Alternatively, you can set up your email to always put Bambazonke in your inbox.

Please Check below for a sneak preview.  Bambazonke Plus will be rolled out Wednesday the 9th of December

BZ Plus Logo

A Sneak Preview of Bambazonke Plus

Bambazonke Plus is a premium membership option for our biggest supporters within our community which allows one to curate the types of emails they receive from us.  Over the years we have heard a large amount of feedback from our community and one of the largest complaints was regarding the amount of emails and advertising sent. A Bambazonke Plus membership takes care of this and if you never want to receive and advert from us again, it can be done in the click of a button.

Our team at Bambazonke have endeavoured to deliver you a useful product about all the various thing happening within our Zimbabwean community and want to hear from you about what we can improve. If you would like to participate in the trial, please click here and click below to provide feedback on how you feel Bambazonke is doing.

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