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Article and Images By Tara Wallace

At Secret Sunrise, we’re best known for encouraging people to gather for an outdoors silent dance and meditation experience – all before the 9 to 5 day has begun. Secret Sunrise Global is a silent guided dance and meditation community. With over 16 cities across the world, we’re on a mission to celebrate life through music, movement, and connection. This unique concept was born under the African skies and has spread throughout South Africa and rippled out to the rest of the world. Secret Sunrise Harare launched in September 2019.

There is something special about attending a Secret Sunrise session. Sometimes difficult to explain, because there is nothing else quite like it. Using headphone technology, headsets are handed to you on arrival. Our accredited facilitators guide you through a series of music of all genres. Our public sessions last for 1 hour and encompass a variety of mindful practices, including meditation, breathwork, movement, and dance.

Each session is unique, often curated according to a theme that attendees come together to celebrate and are even welcome to dress up. We embrace everyone in our sessions, regardless of age, gender, religious preferences, vocation, body size, fitness level, or current mindset. We aim to be fully accessible. There are many reasons to attend a Secret Sunrise session; Dance is a great form of exercise and improves physical health. It has also been shown to have a positive effect on mental health, and overall wellbeing. Our sessions encourage socialization (at a distance if necessary), and foster a sense of connection and community between participants.

Dance inspires creativity, helps build trust, and can encourage critical, out the box thinking.

As the demand for Secret Sunrise grew, our offering has expanded. We now offer corporate bookings for office and team-building workshops and private sessions for birthdays and specialised events. Our offering also includes fundraisers, ice breakers, and school sessions. Each session is tailor-made to suit the requirements of your unique event, attendees, or space. Our instructors formulate the session taking into careful consideration the intention and desired outcome. Using tools that are scientifically supported, and methods that are tried and tested by Secret Sunrises all over the world we make sure our session leaves attendees feeling uplifted, inspired, connected, and energized. Secret Sunrise Global has worked with brands such as TED, Lipton, Coca-Cola, Women’s Health, and more.

We can help to facilitate any of the following events or activities:

● Corporate Teambuilding

● Confidence and self

esteem building (students)

● Leadership camps

● ‘Hype up’ sessions before

big events

● Implementing

meditation and

mindfulness tools

● Retreats, yoga/mindfulness practices

● School socials/Ice- breakers

Our next public dance is on Saturday, February 5th, 6:30-7:30 am. Or you can book us for your private event!

Contact Tara Wallace on 0774119653 for more details and information.

Originally published in the 121st Ndeipi Magazine

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