Chikwenya Safari Lodge – lower zambezi river

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Spare a moment to picture yourself drifting on a boat down fast flowing channels in the lower Zambezi River with a Tiger rod in one hand and a cold beer in the other – chatting to your partner /mates about whatever? Think Chikwenya

When did you last make a concerted effort to save up and take time off for a special long weekend far away from the hustle and bustle with a special partner? There are some of you that would choose to fly to Cape Town and stay in a glitzy, 5 star hotel in Camps Bay – time from your doorstep to when your suitcases are finally dropped off in your room – approx. 9 hours – hassles with border posts; Covid tests; rush hour, lunch time traffic. Our preferred alternative, at Nzira Travel Zimbabwe, is to take a relaxed 5 hour drive up to Mana Pools arriving well in time for a late brunch; spotting the odd Elephant, Impala or Jackal along the way.

We drove up to the very up-market Chikwenya Safari Lodge for time out last weekend. Chikwenya is situated on the Zambezi River along the Eastern border of the Mana Pools National Parks. The staff compliment were excellent with each performing exactly as their individual roles dictated. We were allocated a professional guide for the whole weekend – it was his job to take us on whatever activity we felt in the mood for – we brought in a small tiger during our boat cruise the first afternoon; then stopped to watch a Lion and Lioness lounging on the side of the road on our morning game drive; finishing off with an hour long kayak down the Zambezi in a double Canadian Canoe.

The first word that comes to mind to summarise our stay there is Tranquil. Eating arrangements at this time of the year mean sitting either under, or alongside, the Acacia (Faidherbia) Albida Trees in the front of the property – makes for a very romantic dinner with a magnificent view of the Milky Way – a world class chef very ably complemented the experience. Follow us on Instagram to see a few tempting videos of our recent Nzira Travels

There are 7 large, classy, well-appointed tents at Chikwenya Safari Camp – each having its own river views; 5 star pillows; fancy bath; as well as a splash pool on the verandah. Another plus is that the temperature is about 10 degrees warmer than Harare so one can wander around the camp during the day in shorts and rafters. As most of you will know the vegetation starts to thin out towards the end of winter meaning that the best time to see the wild life is probably August or September.

Wanna find out more? Contact Rudo ( 0772-209-162). Don’t leave it too long before you make that booking. Ciao Mike G.




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