Children’s Story Time: Waka’s Personalised Story Book

Hey kids,

This is the first of fun and exciting children’s content that we will be posting and today we have the lovely Waka Bwanya!

In this episode of storytime, Waka is showing and reading to us the personalised storybook her parents got her as a gift. It’s a heartwarming story and from the words of the heroine, she is, ” Brave, determined and kind!” These are all qualities we should aim to aspire to. Keep your dictionary beside you for any new words you may come across. Happy storytime!

“I have never actually read a book that I’m in where I’m the hero of the story. My parents got me this book and I’m very excited to read about myself in it.” Customized books available from

Get to know Waka:

Waka is a special little girl who loves to make edutainment videos, with the help of her parents, on her Youtube Channel With such a curious mind she loves to read, conduct science experiments, go on adventures and do kid reviews. So be sure to subscribe to her channel for more exciting stuff!

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