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Having only caught about 30 Tiger fish over the past 40 years of my angling career, my fishing skills are not rated very highly – I do, however, remember that first one I landed – way back in the 70s -cruising along the Sanyati Gorge with a couple of equally inept fishing mates – I was told it weighed close to 10 lbs but that was a long time ago

I have always preferred fishing on the river to Lake Kariba. So, for Christmas this year, I decided to take my son up to Chirundu Safari Lodge to enjoy the excellent fishing I had been told was currently happening up there. We launched our boat near the renowned pump House and our guide / boat driver (Lloyd – Bohlinger) took us trawling downstream  – near the Kafue River was the best site on both days. Lots of strikes and struggles trying to bring in some very determined and obstinate Tiger Fish.

There is something majestic about the way they leap into the air when first hooked some 30 meters away with very elated fishermen watching from the Pontoon.  And then the screams of “Let him run for a few seconds” followed by “Strike Now”. Nothing quite like fighting with them as they try to weave their way out of your reach. Alas there were too many instances of them biting off the tackle – that big one that got away yet again

At Tamarind Lodge we were shown just how much the river has dropped this year – you are no longer able to launch in front of the resort. The heat at this time of the year was too much to bear with one having to drink copious amounts of liquid to rehydrate throughout the day!

I trust that all of you have been given the opportunity to spend time with family or friends over this festive period

Ciao Mike G.

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