Christmas in our Zimbabwe

By Prof. Ross G. Cooper

It’s December 2021…
Our love, my love
Our historical heritage,
And our present…
No reindeer;
Only kudu.
No turkey;
But chicken, beef, fish or pork.
No brussel sprouts;
But potatoes, carrots, onions, tomatoes or muriwo.
No gravy sodden rice;
But firm hot sadza.
No mistletoe;
But jacaranda, poinsettia and baobab.
No ice and snow;
Just warm rain drops.
No din of heavy traffic;
Only the chorus of birds and crickets.
No drunken debauchery;
It’s the celebration of our Saviour’s birth.
No frozen and cold souls;
Just excited and delighted faces.
Despite being torn apart
A SARS virus we know
Still we share and care
It’s not George Orwell’s gloomy 1984!
Freely, by air, car or bus
Through magnificent flora and fauna
Intelligent or humble…
Proud we are,
And home we all come.
It’s our land, our soil, our warm heart
Back to our beautiful Zimbabwe.

Note: Ross Gordon Cooper is a respected academic and author of over 40 books, three of which are poetry. His humble beginnings in Chipinge in the Eastern Border District equipped him with a panorama of experience for his written work available at Lulu Press Ltd. and PneumaSprings Press Ltd. He can also be contacted at

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