Classic Desserts, An Urban Oasis

Coffee shops can be full of coffee fanatics who also need to work. It’s a great excuse to get out of the office to philosophise about the tasks at hand, while drawing in the heady flavours of fresh coffee. At the typical coffee shop business meet, you see a lot of intense stares. If it was me, I know I would be trying to reign in my inclination to aaah with satisfaction as my taste buds ripple with the elixir of coffee delight. Occasionally, the leader of the meeting might turn away, leaving me a small window of opportunity for me to gaze lovingly at my dark and milky hot drink, even perhaps briefly closing my eyes to savour the flavour, before their eyes flash back for a purposeful response.

Today, as I looked out from my leather cushioned comfort, business was being dealt with beverages in tow at an urban oasis of desserts and coffee located on the corner of Churchill Ave and Josiah Chinamano Ave otherwise known as Classic Desserts. As for me, it was just another day to savour the flavour of coffee.

It was a treat to be greeted with a warm smile and friendly demeanor from the staff. On this occasion, I took what coffee purists would look down upon, a bold risk as my decision making goes; I combined my espresso with freshly whipped cream. In Italian, this is referred to as an espresso ‘con panna.’ It combined one of the tastiest ingredients of desserts with the rich concentrated flavour of the local la lucie coffee, or, as was the case today, an equally delicious brazilian blend. It had a mellow light acidity and pleasingly mellow flavour. The cream and coffee pair well together, though you don’t always taste as much of the unadulterated coffee as the purist might crave. That said, it was still a satisfying concoction.

Classic Desserts is a haven for sweet treats that meets most people’s budgets. The higher the price, the more decadent and moreish they become, but today I just enjoy the treasured experience of creamy coffee, a dessert in itself worth experimenting with. The menu also has a variety of breakfasts that from the descriptions, offer yet more juicy flavours to enjoy.

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